Pastor Filer’s Testimony


Trent Filer is the pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Peru Maine. This is his testimony:
I grew up Methodist and was told “we are Christian.” I felt I tried my best and that God understood and respected that. However, as I journeyed through adolescence my sin nature developed more and more – pride, lust, fighting, and drinking marred my walk. I was in my freshman year of College, studying to be a teacher when I was met by an evangelist on the sidewalk. I claimed to be a Christian, so the man gave me his testimony of how he had been transformed and no longer lived the life of sin because Jesus truly saved him. He then asked if that happened to me. The truth was it had not – I had never lived more shamefully sinful and had seemed to be on a steady digression to hell. Unfortunately, I lied to his face and spent the next days in self-pity and self-justification and even seeking to “get back to God”.
Two weeks later, I called on a preacher to help me. I asked him if I could still go to heaven after sinning even though I was a Christian. When the preacher told me of grace, and that the soul must trust Jesus and not their own works, I would only respond with “Well I believe in Jesus, but what if I….” I seemed to be fixated on my sin. Eventually the preacher said, “But nothing. You’re not saved, are you Trent?” I responded with a no and hung my head. He told me of salvation and I repented of my sinful state, and acknowledged that I needed Jesus to save me. We prayed and I trusted Jesus to forgive me that day and forever more. I was a changed soul and from that day on I can say in truth, “I once was a sinner, but now I am free.”